Special January Bundle

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This special bundle offer includes 3 ministry products to give you a great start to the year. 


In the Bible, fasting was used to break strongholds, gain access to God’s favor, acquire divine protection, receive supernatural direction, experience incredible church growth, prepare believers for effective ministry, and more. You’ll learn: How fasting positions you to receive God’s favor, The unknown danger of the “Daniel Fast,” How to release God’s power through fasting, Newly-discovered health benefits of fasting, How to receive direction from the Lord, Why the Apostle Paul didn’t write about fasting, Four crucial appetites that must be addressed, and more! • Plus, 100 prayer points and Scripture references included!

Jesus said, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils” (Matthew 10:8). • Is God’s power upon your life? • Are the gifts of the Spirit in operation through you? • Do you have faith for miracles? • How often are the sick healed and devils cast out when you pray? • Are you lacking power to do God’s work? • What prevents you from confirming the Word with signs following? This faith classic has the answers you’ve been looking for. In order to have the power of God in your life and ministry, there are conditions to meet and a price to pay. Let God lead you to new victory and greater usefulness as you discover how to pay . . .

Introduction to the Ministry of Prophet: The Lord used the ministry of the prophet in both the Old and New Testament. The importance of this gift is that it helps us to mature as God's children and operate in stronger faith The New Testament Prophet is in operation today and will help you develop stronger faith. The Two Functions of the Office of the Prophet: The first Prophet that was mentioned in the Bible was Abraham. The Lord also raised up Moses as a Prophet and deliverer for the children of Israel. There were two functions that operated in both of these men of God that is carried over to the body of Christ today. When you understand this gift you will have health and healing and financial blessing.