How to Operate in Tongues and Interpretation (Digital Download)

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How to Operate in Tongues and Interpretation is a four-part teaching series. 

Diverse Kinds of Tongues: The only two Gifts of the Spirit that were not in operation in the Old Testament were Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues. They came after the mighty Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

Tongues of Men: One language filled the earth until the Tower of Babel. The languages of men were created by God. What is the strength of the Gift of Tongues? 

Tongues of Angels: The Scripture records angel speaking to different individuals in their known language. Here is the study of angels as messengers to God's people. 

Speaking in Tongues: How to be built up spiritually and to even speak to God in an unknown tongue that the devil cannot understand. 

This product includes four messages as mp3 files, delivered by digital download.